International Brand: Generic Androgel
Active Ingredients: Testosterone Gel 1%
Medicine Name: Cernos Gel
Company Name: SUN
Strength: 5g
Pack Size: Pack of 14 Sachets
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Cernos Gel, also referred to as Testosterone Gel, is a medication used to treat low or no levels of testosterone in men. It belongs to the drug class of androgens.

Cernos Gel is manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals having testosterone. It goes to the class of medication called Androgens. Testosterone is hormone required by the body of a man for finish advancement of sex organs in guys.

Can Androgel Help with Low Testosterone Levels?

If your body is not naturally producing enough of the male sex hormone, then there are ways to artificially boost it.

Androgel is enhanced with Testosterone and through application to the shoulders, stomach or upper arms, the hormone penetrates the skin, is absorbed by your body and helps to alleviate symptoms related to sex, body makeup or masculinity.

Cernos gel is another option that works in very much the same way, boosting Testosterone levels that are naturally lacking and helping to restore a man’s hormone balance. If you are worried that you may be suffering from low testosterone then you can treat this easily with our doctor’s service and online delivery.

How does Cernos Gel work?

Androgel testosterone is the same as the natural testosterone produced in the body. A topical gel, it’s applied to the shoulders, chest or belly areas and is absorbed dermatologically. Androgel is successful for most users in the following ways:

• No more low testosterone levels – the user’s testosterone increased to previous levels

• Libido increase

• Erectile function improved

• Satisfactory moods – no major depression or sadness

• Increased energy levels – no more fatigue

• Muscle mass measured higher

• Decrease in body fat

• Spine and hip bone density increase

 How to use Cernos Gel?

There are some situations where Testogel Gel should be used with caution or would not be recommended, for example in women, males under the age of 18, men with diagnosed or suspected cancer of any kind especially of the breast or prostate gland, benign prostatic hyperplasia (“BPH”) or an enlarged prostate gland, symptoms of lower urinary tract infections, blood disorders including erythrocytosis, high blood pressure, heart failure or heart disease including angina, liver or kidney problems, epilepsy, migraines, sleep apnoea, and people who are allergic.

The successful treatment of low testosterone levels can improve type 2 diabetes in some men, so if you have this condition you should monitor it closely and tell your doctor or diabetic nurse in case adjustments to your diabetes medicines are necessary.


Dose of Cernos gel is dependent upon your doctor’s advice. However, generally the dose is 50 mg once in day.

Side effects

If your prostate gland is already increased then the signs and symptoms can become bad to worse while using cernos gel. The problem can include increased urination at the night.
You may face trouble to start your urine stream.
You may have the urge to go to the bathroom right away and feeling the urge to pass urine many times in a day.
You may have a urine accident.